Do you have a beloved pet or other photo you would like on a recipe card?   We can take a photo of your special companion and add it to a personalized recipe card. This is a great gift idea for someone who loves to cook and loves their special pet, be it a cat, dog or whatever.

      You can either e-mail us a high resolution image of your pet in any photoshop format ( jpeg or .psd are preferred) or mail a photo which can be returned with your order. If you choose to e-mail us an image please be sure that it is a high resolution (300 dpi or better) and a good quality picture.

      In the process that we follow you would receive a scanned image of your recipe card for approval before the order was printed and you were charged for your new recipe cards. We do not ever process, charge or print an order until final approval from the customer is received. If there is any doubt of the design or card we can also mail you out a sample print just to make sure you are happy with your new cards.

For pricing on these please contact.

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Oak Recipe Boxes
Oak Recipe Boxes

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Custom Recipe Cards -
I love them. They are so absolutely cute. I'm glad I found your website!!

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