WoodNymph Design/Graphics is located in the secluded country side of Maine. Created in 1996, our goal has to been to provide quality print services to our customers at an affordable price. In the world of printing many places just seem to have too many ( non published ) charges. We at Woodnymph pride ourselves in being simple and straight forward. The price you get for a particular job is it period. No setup fees, No proof Fees, No extra fees for colors, and No design fees. We work with all our customers on a one to one basis and try to have a friendly atmosphere in our dealings. We also take great pride in being able to give the customer exactly what they want. Not some pre-fabricated design with a limited number of choices. Woodnymph also is the only print company ( as far as we know ) that will do short runs. From just 1 or 2 pieces to 100+. Try getting you local print shop to do that! In closing we'd just like to say thanks! This is and has been a very fulfilling experience for us and we hope to continue for many years to come.

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WoodNymph Design/Graphics
172 Kingman Rd
Macwahoc, ME 04451
E-mail : woodnymph@woodnymph-design.com

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3x5 Golden Sunflower Recipe Box  Price : $48   Buy
Custom Recipe Cards -
I love them. They are so absolutely cute. I'm glad I found your website!!

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