Wood Recipe Boxes

We have a variety of wooden recipe boxes available. These are crafted by various crafters from around the USA. These recipe boxes are crafted of oak, alder, cherry, maple, walnut and cedar woods. Any of these can be used for multiple purposes.... not only are they great recipe boxes, but they can double for coupons, trinkets or any number of uses.

There are also quite a few designs to match some of our Recipe Cards. Including sunflowers, grapes, hummingbirds, ivy and others. I try to add to our designs whenever possible. If there is something you are looking for but do not see it here please feel free to contact me about it.

Many of these boxes may take 2 - 3 weeks for availability. If you are in a rush for a particular recipe box and are concerned about time please feel free to contact us and inquire on availability. We try to keep a good variety on hand at all times. Click on any of the images below to see more specifics on any of the boxes. We will continue to add to the solid wood boxes offered here.

Please click on a thumbnail for more info on any particular box.
Please be aware that many of these take 2-3 weeks for production.

Oak, Cherry, Maple, Walnut.
4x6 & 3x5, Singles & Doubles

Oak, Cherry or Walnut boxes for 3x5 or 4x6 cards

4x6 Cherry Double & Hummingbirds

Oak Golden Sunflower box. With or without knobs, 3x5, 4x6 single & double sizes.

Oak Sunflower Bunches box. With or without knobs, 3x5 and 4x6 sizes.

Oak Sunflowers recipe box.
Available in 3x5 and 4x6 size with or without a knob.

Oak Green Sunflower box. With or without knobs, 3x5 and 4x6 sizes.

Oak Green Sunflower Double. Available with knob in the 3x5 & 4x6 sizes.

3x5 or 4x6 Double Oak
recipe box with Ivy.

Solid Cherry box.
Available only in the 3x5 size.

Solid Aromatic Cedar box.
Available only the 3x5 size.
Walnut, Maple, Oak, Cedar and Cherry. 3x5 & 4x6 sizes

Alder Hummingbird recipe box.
Available in 3x5 size.

Alder recipe box with Orchids.
Available only in the 3x5 double size.
Butterflies & Hydrangeas
4x6 Oak

Cherries Oak 4x6 singles
with or without knobs.

Daisy Ladybug #2 Oak Box with knob. Available in 3x5 or 4x6 size.
Palm Trees Oak Recipe Box
Available in 3x5 and 4x6

Solid Oak Hummingbird Recipe Box
4x6 Double with or without knob

Pansies Oak or Cherry 4x6 Double
with or without knobs.

Oak or Walnut Grapes Recipe Box
Available in 3x5 and 4x6 Dbls

Cherry box with Pansies.
3x5 size only.

Cherry or Cedar Box with Cherries. 3x5 size only.
3x5 Cedar Recipe Box
with Peppers

Oak HoneyBees and Daisies
4x6 size only.

Oak with Violets
3x5 size only.

Strawberries Oak Recipe Box
Personalized Recipe Boxes
Strawberries Recipe Box
Strawberries Oak Recipe Box
4x6 Hydrangea Oak Recipe Box
Magnolias & Strawberries
Maple, Oak and Cherry
Sunflowers 4x6
Maple or Oak Recipe Box
Rooster & Sunflowers 4x6
Maple or Oak Recipe Box
Walnut, Maple, Cedar and Cherry
Recipe Card Holders
Roosters 4x6
Maple or Oak
4x6 Hydrangea Maple or Oak
4x6 Daisies Maple or Oak
4x6 Oak
4x6 Oak
4x6 Oak
Palm Trees
3x5 Walnut
3x5 Walnut
3x5 Walnut
Fruit Basket
3x5 Cherry
Cherry 3x5
3x5 Cherry
3x5 Cherry
Cherry 3x5
4x6 Dragonflies
Oak, Cherry or Maple
4x6 Hummingbird
Oak, Cherry or Maple
4x6 Shamrocks
Cardinal 4x6 Double
4x6 Double Cardinal/Snowman
Walnut, Oak, Cherry or Maple

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Recipe Cards -
I love them. They are so absolutely cute. I'm glad I found your website!!

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